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 Interested in Joining the Brethren?

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PostSubject: Interested in Joining the Brethren?   Tue Jun 16, 2009 4:44 pm

Interested in Joining the Brethren Lords? Then Follow these steps:

1. Research "Foreign Cultures" and build an "Embassy".

2. Go to the "Embassy" and select "Search for Alliance". Type "LORDS" in the Tag box.

3. Click on the small handshake icon. This will start your application.

It is very simple currently all we ask for a pre-req. is that you have an embassy.
After you have joined the requirements become a little more but not that much.

We require that you are active. (Which means you are on at least once a day or make visible sign of growth)
The second is that every member is required to join the forums and use it regularly. Which is determined by posting at least one message a week in the forums.
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Interested in Joining the Brethren?
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