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 Alliance Introduction

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PostSubject: Alliance Introduction   Thu Feb 11, 2010 12:55 pm

We have several requirements for new members:
1) You must be active: Be on at least every other day.
2) You must Join the Alliance Forum.
3) You must contribute to your islands growth. (Donate for Saw Mill and Luxury Upgrades!)
4) You must be over 4000 points.

Interested in Joining the Brethren Lords? Then Follow these steps:
1) Research "Foreign Cultures" and build an "Embassy".
2) Go to the "Embassy" and select "Search for Alliance". Type "LORDS" in the Tag box.
3) Click on the 'Send Application' Link.

Alliance Forum:

It is important for all members to visit the external page to learn what is happening in the alliance. Also, if you are from another alliance or an unattached player feel free to check out the forum. From there you can request alliances with us and also request resources.

Trading Information:

All resource requests will not be accepted right away. We require a 1:1 ratio trading. Meaning if you need 1000 marble we require you to send 1000 of another resource. Us accepting your offer can also be declined if we do not have the ships or supplies to meet your demand.

We will work hard to try to meet expectations of our members and work hard to help those around us. If you can stay on our good side and not attack our members we will gladly help you when we can.

Diplomatic Info:
1) United Armies of IOTA [UAOI]
3) New Wolrd Iota [nWi]

“There is something even more valuable to civilization than wisdom, and that is character.”
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Alliance Introduction
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