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 CR Battle Contest (Oppenent 10% Higher MS)

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PostSubject: CR Battle Contest (Oppenent 10% Higher MS)   Tue Mar 16, 2010 5:29 pm


Contest Starts Now and will last for a total of 7 days.

Wanna win a lot of building material and sulfur? How does 50k building material and 50k sulfur sound? Bonus of 25,000 crystal if all of your attacks are on players with a MS that is at least 20% higher than your own.

Attack a player with a military score that is at least 10% higher than yours. If you would like to know what your military score is check out the highscore link located at the top of every page in Ikariam. It is a useful tool! Use it to find your Military Score and the score of your opponent.

Once you have attacked; post the Combat Reports(CR) on the alliance forum. Instructions will be given in the forum on how to post a proper CR. It will be in the Combat Reports (CRs) section of the forum.

Every attack will count as one entry into the drawing to win the prize. Good luck to all! Let's see some big attacks.

Learning Objective: - (There are reasons for these contests)
The objective of this contest is to give members a chance to use their military and to gain valuable experience with the battle system. In addition, it makes our members active on the alliance forum.

First, you will have to use this site:
Ikariam CR converter

Here is how to create a CR -
1. Open the report summary page for the desired battle.
2. In your browser, goto "View" → "Source" (also called "Page Source", in some browsers, screenshot).
3. Select all html code ("Edit" → "Select All" or "CTRL + A").
4. Copy all selected code ("Edit" → "Copy" or "CTRL + C").
5. Click inside the textbox above and paste in the code ("Edit" → "Paste" or "CTRL + V").
6. Press the "Convert Report" button.

These same instructions are on the Ikariam CR Converter website.
Ikariam CR converter

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CR Battle Contest (Oppenent 10% Higher MS)
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